(Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes. At Ella Pedya we provide and promote a fun & interactive environment for parent (or grandparents, nanny etc) and child. It’s fun for you both!
Now. It’s best to start children learning a new language as young as possible.
Ella Pedya offer two makeup classes per child, per term, subject to availability, once we are in full receipt of your term fees. If you are not able to attend your regular lesson, please contact us ASAP to notify that you are cancelling so that we can offer that spot to another child.

If you do not notify us of the cancellation before the class starts, we cannot offer you a make-up lesson.
No because ‘It doesn’t really matter what language a child learns or even if they don’t become fluent; what’s important is the different way of looking at the world, openness to diverse concepts and critical thinking that learning a foreign language provides’.
No but we do strongly encourage it. ‘You don’t need to worry if you are not a native speaker, rather concentrate on what you learn with your child and incorporate the new words into everyday language’.
You can join us now! Our curriculum is designed to accommodate newcomers with no language skills at all, to join us at any stage of the term. Of course, getting to know the classmates and parents over the term is a valuable part of our classes, so we encourage you to book & join us for the whole term.
You could. However research has shown that natural learning ability decreases exponentially with age from 0-7 years, so by the time your child has the chance to learn a language at school, it becomes that much harder.
As adults, we can experience the effect of this learning curve: if you’ve ever tried to learn something complex as an adult – for example snow skiing, a musical instrument or even a language – its amazing to watch how much more quickly young children absorb the concepts and practice so much more easily than us adults!
Starting now allows your child to do what they do best at this age: absorb and learn naturally & effortlessly.

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