What do Ella Pedya Offer?

Classes: Language for Toddlers 1-5yrs

Each 75 minute class consists of 60 minutes learning time followed by 15 minutes free play time.
Each term and class have specific themes, providing structure and progression to all activities.
Activities include singing, dancing, interactive story-time, arts & crafts and even cooking.


  • French
  • Brazilian
  • Greek


Tutoring: Personalised 1:1 sessions

For all ages including children and adults.
Sessions can be arranged during the day, after school or weekends with prior agreement needed.
Our native-speaking tutors are ‘NSW Working with Children’ certified, allowing sessions to be held at your place or theirs depending on preference.
Personalised agenda just for you: talking/conversation, reading, writing, grammar and even special topics of interest (e.g maths, finance, etc).

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