Why a 2nd Language?

  • Connect with Family

    There is no better way to connect generations and families than with a shared language.

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  • #notjustatourist

    The traditional Australian post-grad world trip: viewing landmarks from a bus, or exploring people, culture and geography?

  • Increase EQ (and IQ too)

    We all know IQ. Did you know a higher EQ (emotional intelligence) = higher mental health, job performance and leadership skills?

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  • Globalisation is here to Stay

    Business and Life opportunities are fuelled by diversity in language, ideas, experience & an open mind.

  • Toddlers are like Sponges!

    Learning between 1-5 yrs is natural, instinctive & easy. High curiosity & absorption rate provides a platform for higher learning and a love of learning the language and culture.

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  • Our classes are a lot of fun!

    Our classes can be one of the best times with your child during the week – taking away the hassle of dreaming up fun activities, providing a true interactive fun time with your child rather than just ‘drop & watch’.


  • What have you got to lose?

    Ella Pedya offer a FREE trial lesson. We’d love you to join in the fun, see for yourself what we’re all about. No obligation, no pressure. Just FUN!

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